The temperature is rising in clubland! Though still developing their style and sound, the local clubs have never before been so varied and diverse…

Fat Buddha

ul. Mazowiecka 2/4,

Japanese restaurant? Cocktail bar? Weekend club? Who knows, but whatever it is, it’s worth the while. Featuring a confident feeling of decadent ostentation, vast mulberry-colored drapes keep the outside world in check and what would otherwise appear as an over-sized hall feels intimate and sensual, dark and delicious. No wonder the giant, glimmery Budhha smiles down on the crowd of supermodels-in-waiting.

Jasna 1

ul. Jasna 1,

Every now and again, along comes a club that captures ‘the now’. Jasna 1 is that place. Find alternative electro sounds from both imported and domestic names playing to a crowd that bang right up for it.

No Comment

Al. 3 Maja 16/18A (Most Poniatowskiego)

Lying inside one of the Harry Potter towers that prop up Most Poniatowskiego, this compact, secretive bi-level club feels a little redolent of those after-hours Parisian members joints where everyone knows each other. Sheathed in blue velvety surfaces, the delicious sense of decadence is given extra weight by regulars committed to licentious living and hedonistic weekends.


ul. Mazowiecka 12,

Looking dark and sensual, this two-level space unwraps before you like some elaborate adventure. Candles flicker, atmosphere crackles – moving towards the bar, slinky, sultry club creatures of unfathomable beauty prowl past with drinks poised in hand. Yep, not bad at all…


ul. Wioślarska 6,

The place to be seen over summer, and well, for all the months that have followed, Sen have struck gold by offering a club experience that combines elegant and classy with elements of carefree hedonism. Get to the rooftop terrace to see just how beautiful Warsaw can be.


ul. Smolna 38,

Helping to fan the ‘sense of secret’, the no-cellphone policy (you cover the camera with a sticker) ensures a zero amount of berks recording the shenanigans that await. Allow the names they’ve pulled to do the talking – past events include sets by Pete Tong, Laurent Garnier and Hercules & Love Affair. If those mean nothing then it’s probably not your place.


al. Ujazdowskie 45,

Just a smashing night all round: from jazzy singers to funk and soul via a dose of Britpop (and a few other genres in between), the ever likeable Spatif is what Warsaw needs – a place that’s not up its own arse! A labyrinth of intimate, parquet-floored pre-war chambers add atmosphere, as does the kind of smoking room that encourages obscure chat with indiscriminate strangers.

The View

ul. Twarda 18,

Who doesn’t love partying under palm trees on the rooftop deck of a 32-floor skyscraper? The glam and the gorgeous certainly do, and The View continues to feel as spectacular now as it did when it opened. It’s the definition of five-star clubbing.

Bar Studio

Pl. Defilad 1,

The bombastic, gaudy surrounds of the Palace of Culture are brilliantly juxtaposed against a varied program of events that slot perfectly with the artsy spirit of the regulars. It’s a party to remember.


ul. 11 Listopada 22,

Set out in the wildlands of Praga, consider Hydrozagadka as the heart of unforced cool. Known for its alt. music scene, the low-ceiling and tight, crowded nature of the place serve to generate an electrifying atmosphere where the audience and band come together as one. With a design that walks a fine line between hardcore industrial and straight out knackered, the atmosphere is faultless: drinks flow, strangers mingle and music smashes out: you can feel something special happening here.


ul. Nowy Świat 21,

Noted for the diversity of its events program, Niebo does it all: from comedy nights to vintage markets via performances from cult acts such as Neneh Cherry and Black Sun Empire. The gritty look complements the artsy, below the radar style.


ul. Burakowska 12,

Scuzzy and a bit seamy, this alt. performance venue gives Warsaw an interesting, if not slightly random direction with an events schedule that involves spoken word performances, vegan BBQs, old skool rave nights and hardcore gigs from bands with names like Cancer Bats and Moscow Death Brigade. They’ve had bingo nights, as well – hosted by the irrepressible Charlotte Drag Queer.

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