These are brew-tiful days: an outbreak of specialty coffee cafes have given Warsaw a scene every bit as active as that found in Berlin. These are the ones you can’t afford to miss


ul. Wilcza 42

Retailing all the accessories essential to alternative brewing, the CoffeeDesk portal revolutionized Poland’s specialty scene when it opened for business in 2013. Run as a side project, their café carries the baton for quality with outstanding coffee in a flawlessly designed space that feels bright, light, sexy and dynamic.


ul. Hoża 58/60

“Coffee is no longer seen as just a fix,” says owner Uri Wollner, “it’s become something special.” Just how special is clear in Cophi, a passion project whose small footprint is counterbalanced by the depth of its offer and the warmth of its welcome.


Al. Zjednoczenia 46

Certainly distant, but there are those that travel the city in order to visit – if you take coffee seriously, then you should as well. Home to the city’s best flat white, this husband and wife operation is warm in ambiance and appearance, and the drive for quality reflected by their habitual acquisition of the latest equipment.


ul. Andersa 6

Attached to the hippest barber shop in town (tatts, beards and crazy whiskers!), the presence of this pocket-sized café gives Muranów a fresh, bold swagger. Coffee aside (the cold brew rocks), the disarmingly friendly staff and locals generate one of the best café scenes for miles.


ul. Elektoralna 11

Yep, Forum has it all: super cool Afro-haired staff, a fashionably distressed interior, and a devoted client base that’s all about outsized headphones and razor-thin laptops. Mostly though, it’s the coffee people talk about. Changing weekly, the big pull is a menu of specialty coffees fixed up by Poland’s AeroPress and Brewers Cup champion.


Kawałek ul. Łucka 18

This neighborhood café offers a human touch in an area filling itself with gleaming glass blocks and gated compounds. Acting as a magnetic force, the homemade nitro machine (“I just like making things,” says the owner), is a thing of legend.


ul. Puławska 48

Now in their ninth year of business, any Hall of Fame just wouldn’t feel complete without the inclusion of this evergreen institution. Jacketed in chipboard panels and retro posters, the buzz about Relaks has lasted so long as to become ingrained in their DNA.

Relax Na Wilczej

ul. Wilcza 17

An updated upgrade of the original Relax found downtown, this modern day success story maximizes all available space and light with a clean-lined interior that’s embellished by a scattering of coffee tomes and a statement mural by Mariusz Tarkawian. A cracking edition to the capital’s line-up of alt. coffee haunts.


ul. Tamka 33

A giant presence on the coffee map of Warsaw, Stor is the ultimate feelgood café: a place of slanting shadows and streaming sunlight, the irresistible ambience is matched only by peerless coffee prepared by expert baristas.

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