Over Land & Sea

Surf or turf? Whichever side of the divide you may fall on,
these are the places that blink brightly on the radar…



ul. Puławska 16

Plucked alive and kicking from a burbling fish tank, L’Arc’s lobsters and crabs are among the best in the biz. Known for their obsessive devotion to seafood, other choices in this elegant, monochrome venue include six kinds of oysters and a bouillabaisse to blow your mind.

Lokal na Rybę

ul. Kwiatowa 1/3/4

Open for something along the lines of 18-hours per week (!), the limited times have created a supply / demand situation that makes reservations almost mandatory. Touting the basic aesthetics of a pop-up, the simple surrounds are outweighed by a weekly-changing menu showcasing what most foodies understand to be the most extraordinary fish in Warsaw.

Pink Lobster

ul. Żurawia 6/12

Seeking to demystify and de-formalize fine dining, the Pink Lobster looks dapper and dashing with an interior that bristles with palm fronds and marble fixtures set underneath soaring ceilings strung with dozens of spotlights. Though by no means a specialist fish restaurant, as the name suggests, creatures of the deep aren’t overlooked.


Butchery & Wine

ul. Żurawia 22

When Butchery opened in 2011 it completely transformed the way Poland viewed its steak. The first ‘new wave’ meat joint in the country, its launch lit the fuse for a steak revolution. Now an institution in its own right, this cosmopolitan spot remains one of the most sought out bookings in the capital.


ul. Walecznych 64

Satisfying the most primordial of appetites, tables inside this casual deli-butcher-restaurant hybrid look onto a butcher’s counter ornamented with meat of all description. Quality is assured, and is of such a standard as to make a mockery of the prices.

Mokotowska 69

ul. Mokotowska 69

Presented in a flurry of brickwork and wood, this hushed, intimate restaurant is a place for businessmen to connive and couples to court. As the separate steak menu suggests, meat is a serious business here: choices go from brilliant to earth-moving. For a splurge, order the Kobe-style Tajima Gyu – it’s the highest grade of beef in the world.

Relax Na Wilczej

ul. Wilcza 17

An updated upgrade of the original Relax found downtown, this modern day success story maximizes all available space and light with a clean-lined interior that’s embellished by a scattering of coffee tomes and a statement mural by Mariusz Tarkawian. A cracking edition to the capital’s line-up of alt. coffee haunts.

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