The city’s booming wine sector points to grape days ahead…

Ale Wino

ul. Mokotowska 48

Summers here are magical, with drinkers congregating on a courtyard deck shielded from the sun by a slanted white sail; but winters aren’t too shabby either – lose yourself within a warren of warmly-lit rooms that feel snug, intimate and even a little rustic. The choice of 250 plus wines is supported by some of the best cooking in the city.


ul. Nowogrodzka 4

Designed in collaboration with the acclaimed Smallna studio, the decor mixes high quality finishes with eclectic fine details: elements by Tom Dixon, Eames and Oskar Zięta seamlessly set against more whimsical touches such as original 19th century flooring, lights sourced at auction from the Europejski Hotel, and a staggering collection of antique wine-related artefacts. In this respect, the vintage corkscrews are utterly compelling.


pl. Piłsudskiego 9

Behold, the city’s most prodigious choice of champagne! Though price points can climb high, more affordable options are prevalent. Excellent cocktails, wonderful slow food choices and a charmingly cluttered interior add to the appeal. In summer, the canopied terrace is ideal for pre-theater drinks or date night with the partner.


ul. Rozbrat 44

The archetypal all-rounder, Dyletanci has it all: an approachable bistro style; adventurous cooking; and a wine list with no discernible Achilles Heel. Burgundy is a particular strength, as too are Polish wines (including those from the proprietor’s own vineyard, the upcoming Dom Bliskowice).

Kieliszki Na Próżnej

ul. Próżna 12

Go on, count them: hanging tantalizingly over the bar are 1,116 glasses, a testament to Kieliszki’s promise to serve all the wines they have (and there’s a motherlode to pick from) by the glass. Enjoy them on a cobbled street that’s been magnificently restored to its pre-war prime.

Mielżyński Wine Bar

ul. Burakowska 5/7

Tangled in vines and creeping ivy, this brick warehouse comes into its element each summer when drinkers pile outside to sip amid rustling trees and pristine lawns. Set within a former factory compound, the area has been revived with the legendary Mielżyński Wine Bar at its core. A flagbearer when it comes to consistency and quality, this post-industrial space remains a default favorite of the Warsaw public.

Rusiko Wine Bar

al. Ujazdowskie 22

The perfect foil for the Rusiko restaurant next door, this high-ceilinged, sapphire-colored haunt showcases Warsaw’s biggest selection of Georgian wine inside an interior decked out with elaborate rugs horded by the owner. Having first enjoyed the food opposite, finish the night in this genial, cozy bar.


ul. Wioślarska 10

There’s over 300 labels in all, of which 24 are served from Enomatic wine dispensers. Beyond the novelty factor, applause goes to an intelligent and flexible choice that features the big boys as well as a number of niche tipples you’ll rarely find in Poland. Enjoy them in a beautiful velvety interior facing the inky, black waters of the Wisła.

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