The Cherry On Top

Life’s just a bowl of cherries, certainly for the folk at Cherry Tree, a family firm that’s taken the fruit to a different level.

In the family for three generations, Cherry Tree’s orchard was first founded after the war and has since developed into Poland’s premier producer of top quality cherries. Inspired by the ‘slow’ philosophy, fruits are hand-harvested and production based upon traditional methods passed down the ages. They say: “we treat the land as a living organism and cultivate our cherries in a biodynamic way, in accordance with the rhythm of nature and the phases of the moon.” Everyone else says: delicious! Demonstrating the sheer versatility of this fruit, their portfolio includes jams, syrups, juices, chocolate and alcohols – all speak of the passion that’s been funneled into this business. Find them at farmers’ markets round town, or at:

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Three Questions

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Hip Hops

Made by Toruń’s Olbracht brewery, Pan Jałowiec is the non-alcoholic drink that’s got Warsaw talking. Produced using hops and juniper berries, the thirst quencher is mixed to a secret recipe coined in 1958 and is believed to be the only drink of its kind in Europe.

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