Rejoice and marvel at the intensely personal oddities amassed and displayed in these Warsaw haunts…

Bar & Books: so says the barman: “the owner likes monkeys!” That’s the only explanation offered for the proliferation of chimpy portraits…

Fat White: action figures abound in Fat White, with the collection including a bad ass Al Pacino in Scarface role.

Nowina: over a thousand corkscrews, many over a century old, are to be admired in this trending wine bar.

Signature: sourced at auction for a scary amount, Signature’s statement is a collection of original Marilyn photos shot by the acclaimed Milton Greene.

The Roots: the haul of bartending memorabilia includes the world’s first known cocktail recipe book – as signed in 1862 by its author Jerry Thomas.

Worek Kości: imitation skulls sourced from across the world constitute the main interior element of this brilliant bar. According to the owner, there’s 400 plus!

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On A Plate Whether it’s a statement piece for your kitchen shelves, or a gift with a difference, Porcelanowa have become the city’s go-to answer for your porcelain problems…

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Three Questions

Jodie Baltazar The author of Głodni Zielonej Warszawy, a guide to foraging in the city, spills the beans on her unusual pastime…

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A Class Act Though they’ve been producing it for years, 2018 felt like a breakthrough year for Antonius (, a Polish caviar brand that suddenly found itself being served up on the tables of Warsaw’s flashiest addresses: the Raffles Europejski, for instance. Farming Siberian and Russian sturgeon in ponds of crystal clear water from the

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Hip Hops

Made by Toruń’s Olbracht brewery, Pan Jałowiec is the non-alcoholic drink that’s got Warsaw talking. Produced using hops and juniper berries, the thirst quencher is mixed to a secret recipe coined in 1958 and is believed to be the only drink of its kind in Europe.

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