#5. Address to Impress

Immediately installed as Poland’s most distinguished hotel, the June 2018 launch of the Raffles Europejski Warsaw was the culmination of a meticulous renovation that saw no expense spared. But so much more than just another sumptuous hotel, its inauguration marked the return of an iconic building that has often been at the forefront of the historic trials and triumphs experienced by Warsaw.
Generously steeped in stories, the resulting restoration has seen the Europejski become a benchmark in luxury and a showcase of the finest Polish art and craftsmanship. The real victory, however, was accomplishing this in a way that felt relevant to the now. In this regard, much credit goes to the Europejski’s restaurant, a seriously swish venue in which pearl white colors are teed-up against contemporary flashes (hexagonal lighting, outsized plates hanging on the wall) and gleaming silverware. As an address to impress it’s impossible to beat.

Europejski Grill Krakowskie Przedmieście 13 (Raffles Europejski Warsaw), raffles.com/warsaw

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