(Photograph by Krzysztof Kozanowski)

#10. Ale Wino!

If it’s a surprise you’re after, why not explore the courtyards of Warsaw? Take Mokotowska 48 as a prime example. True, at first glance you think you’re entering a carpark, but dip under the archway to be met by the sight of a timber terrace shaded by a tilted overhead sail. Welcome to Ale Wino. Their story, while not exactly rags to riches, does have a feel-good ring to it: what started out as an online wine portal caught the city’s attention – a physical space followed, along with a few tables, and a menu featuring bitey pieces of this and that. The public loved it. But the biggest step was the addition of chef Sebastian Wełpa, a man who has taken this venue to that next extra level. Regarded as one of the top chefs in the country, his menu is an uncompromising work of outrageous ability.

Ale Wino ul. Mokotowska 48, alewino.pl

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