Coffee Influencers

Undisputable proof that Poland had nosed its way onto the world’s specialty coffee scene arrived when Agnieszka Rojewska claimed top spot at the 2018 World Barista Championship. However, a more accurate barometer of the nation’s coffee revolution has been the rapid development of the overall scene – not just in Warsaw, but the nation as a whole. That much is evidenced via the publication of Coffee Spots Polska, a veritable bible detailing every specialty café in the country. Co-authored by Krzysiek Rzyman, a business journalist and the owner of Stor café, and Agnieszka Bukowska, the expansion manager of Coffeedesk, this extraordinary bi-lingual tome (aided and abetted by Vitali Gudkov, also of Stor), leaves no doubt as to how far alternative coffee culture has infiltrated the country: from a Brooklyn-style spot in the dark heart of Silesia to a converted hut in the Bieszczady mountains. Meticulously researched, lovingly written and expertly photographed, this delicious magnum opus is the material embodiment of the spirit of the times.

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