#4. Craft Concept

When ‘The Double D’ first opened in December 2016, there was an open suspicion that it would offer little extra to the craft beer scene. And did Nowogrodzka even need another multi-tap given the presence of Kufle i Kapsle and Jabeerwocky? As it turns out, yes it did. Acting as the missing piece to the street’s jigsaw, DD’s success has lain in lifting barriers and introducing a new swarm of people to the radical, kickass breweries that have reinvented beer. Where else, after all, will you find a male-to-female ratio that feels quite so even. In this, the aesthetic has surely helped. If the majority of Warsaw’s craft kingdoms smell like murky man caves that have never seen daylight, Drugie Dno looks and feel great whilst never deviating from the ambiance of a pub. Everyone feels comfortable here. Further, they’ve now taken the show out into the suburbs with a small little sister of a pub down in Ochota – it’s every bit as good.

Drugie Dno ul. Nowogrodzka 4 / ul. Tarczyńska 5/9

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