#6. Ethnic Newcomer

Where once news of an Indian restaurant was met with fanfare, today it feels a little like Groundhog Day: a tired repeat of everything that’s come before – the same menus, the same décor, the same ingredients and even the same sodding staff. Same, same, all the bloody same. Guru, mind you, have blown the scene to smithereens. Moving into the space vacated by the lamentable BrewDog pub, it’s joined the city’s (very) shortlist of higher end Indians and bashed the competition on the head.

First, there’s an interior that’s modern, engaging and a complete break from cliché. Then, cocktails, beautiful compositions with a subtle Asian twist. Finally, the food, and a menu that dares to do things a little differently by marrying Indian spices to local, seasonal produce. Now for the lion’s share of Warsaw’s Indian restaurants, going local means shopping at the nearest branch of Carrefour Express. Here, it’s something else entirely, a point that’s affirmed by waitresses that talk of ‘organic this’ and ‘free range that’. In short, it’s a kitchen that cares. Elevating the standard of Indian food to a level rarely seen before in Warsaw, this could yet become the best Indian restaurant that the country’s ever had.

Guru ul. Widok 8, gururestauracja.pl

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