#2. Fine Dining

In some quarters, there’s a feeling that fine dining might have had its day, that the future lies in other directions; that might well be the case, and there aren’t many that would disagree that Warsaw over-reached itself with its influx of top dining rooms a few years ago. But notwithstanding the mounting evidence of a city turning its back on white tablecloths, there will always be a need for restaurants that promise that extra special something.

In a game of survival of the fittest, a few of these aforementioned restaurants have folded, while others have changed concept; Nolita, on the other hand, have thrived. Established as one of the premier restaurants in the country, the impression is of a place with the wind in its sails. Anchored by the expertise of chef Jacek Grochowina, this is where elegance meets modernity with spectacular results. Contemporary and current but with enough hint of classic, Nolita is what’s called for when a splurge is in sight: top class ingredients treated with respectful creativity; poised, perceptive service; and an interior of chic modern lighting and monochrome finishes – when you want refinement, hoist this restaurant to the top of the pile. Now give it that bloody Michelin star that it deserves!

Nolita ul. Wilcza 46, nolita.pl

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