(Photograph Kevin Demaria)

#12. Food Concept

The first thing diners notice about Prosciutteria is its size; larger readers might have shoes that are bigger. But there lies the charm. Buzzing with warmth, here a snug interior sets a feel good mood that’s sustained by the owners. At which point, meet Barbara and Marcin. Engaging and conversational, they’re everything you could wish for from a pair of hosts. They’re knowledgeable, as well. Obsessed by the quality of their Italian ingredients, everything that’s present comes with a complex background story that the couple are eager to share. And sharing, you get the impression, is one of the fundamental principles on which Prosciutteria has been founded. The first such concept in Warsaw, here the menu is based around cold cuts served on heavy wooden boards loaded with imported delicacies from small producers that the couple have befriended: Ubriaco cheese bathed in Prosecco; pork belly fat dry-cured for six months; salami from Milan and Naples; and five-year-old Veneto cheese washed in beer. There’s more, of course, but it all becomes one in this orgy of pleasure.

Prosciutteria ul. Solec 85, fb.com/ProsciutteriaPowisle

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