There is just no way – not in a million years – that Reginabar should work. Like their sister venture, MOD (a donut shop with a menu encompassing classic French and modern Asian influences), the concept here is a wacky amalgam that sounds unnaturally odd: in this case, guests step past flowing burgundy-colored drapes into an eclectic world that joins New York’s Little Italy with China Town next door. But though it sounds weird, it really does work – the menu rocks, and it’s augmented by a dynamic cocktail list that mirrors the brilliant things that are happening in Warsaw’s world of drinks: at press time, that meant ‘Magic Cocktails’ with names such as Power Spells and Star Dust. Lap those up in an interior that marries the retro with the avant-garde – it’s hip, happening and happy.

Reginabar ul. Koszykowa 1,

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