Leading Edge

Inducted into Le Chef’s list of the world’s top 100 chefs, Andrea Camastra’s visionary approach to cooking has taken the city’s fine diners in unexpected directions. Captivated by food science, the Italian chef has been singled out by Hervé This (one of the founding fathers of molecular gastronomy) as the natural successor to Ferran Adrià, and eating in the Michelin-starred Senses one understands why.

Working with lab technician Wiktor Faliszewski, Camastra’s tasting menu follows the ‘note by note’ philosophy, a complex artistic process that sees flavor molecules extracted from one food and added to another. Completely reimagining how ingredients are structured, the ensuing experience is a complex odyssey that engages all the senses. Offering world class dining in luxury surrounds, think of this restaurant – and the chef at its helm – as at the forefront of pioneering techniques. Here, the impossible happens.

Senses ul. Bielańska 12, sensesrestaurant.pl

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