#1. Restaurateurs

Since opening their first restaurant, Dziurka Od Klucza in 2012, this couple have displayed an unerring and uncanny knack of foreseeing the next culinary trends whirling towards Warsaw. Clairvoyance or just the acumen acquired from years in the industry? Maybe it’s both, either way, the Szpilowscys have gained credit not just for their beautiful tribute to various ethnic cuisines, but also the manner in which this has been executed. Never seemingly over-extending themselves, the pair have become synonymous with fun concepts that feel innovative and original yet also deeply rooted in their respect for authenticity. Though representing wildly divergent cuisines, the Szpilowscys trio of restaurants are unified by their unexpected twists, dynamic vibe and quirky décor. They are all, quite frankly, fabulous.

Agnieszka & Stanisław Szpilowscy
Arigator ul. Piękna 54
Dziurka Od Klucza ul. Radna 13
La Sirena ul. Piękna 54

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