#3. Shop

Set in an outbuilding of a onetime factory complex, visitors slosh over potholes and puddles before finding respite in a brightly lit edifice that’s all soft, jazzy tunes and wide, open space. Just opening the door puts you in a good frame of mind. Staff, with their service-first approach, keep the mood upbeat, and their knowledge comes in handy when picking through the goodies: and boy, there’s a helluva’ lot to go through. Features include crates of veggies from the Majlert farm; daily deliveries arriving from the Mąka i Woda bakery; and a concise choice of wines curated by sommelier Szymon Milonas. Cult Polish brands are well represented, and each shelf brings new promise and temptation: homemade cakes, bio organic crisps and natural chocolate from boutique manufacturers. Walking the line between supermarket, grocery and café, consider Kram as setting a new standard when it comes to weekly shopping. In fact, it’s all quite kram-tastic.

Kram ul. Duchnicka 3, fb.com/kram.nativeingredients

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